Since 2010, Coll de Roses has been producing three different wines, all made from grapes grown on the vines surrounding the house. Great care is taken at every stage, both when working the land and during the wine production process itself, and this care is reflected in the end results. These are wines that reveal our love for the land where the grapes are grown.

There are two factors that favour the richness and elegance of our wines. These are the Tramuntana wind, an element characteristic of this region, and the estate’s proximity to the sea.

The soils where our vines grow are made up of slate sediments, formed by the erosion of the mountains in the Rodes Mountain Range, at the end of the Pyrenees. These are shallow soils with a layer of clay, which acts as a barrier to both water and roots. The water-retaining clay creates water stress conditions that help produce wines of a very high quality.


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